Q&A readings for subscribers

Here in the comments, you can ask one Astrological question at a time and I will reply.  

Please ask a specific question related to Astrology in general or about yourself.

I will not reply regarding predictions of the future.

Will I offer personal readings in the future? Perhaps.

Do I think all Astrologers should always charge money? No, I don’t think so.






2 thoughts on “Q&A readings for subscribers”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your perspective on the Virgo ascendant, your style of writing is easily digestible despite its intricacies. I was wondering if you’d ever feel up to writing more on the ascendants, more specifically Pisces..perhaps Aquarius too?

    It would be deeply appreciated

    1. Thank you. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the posts (regardless of their messiness).
      I would be happy to write about the Ascendents again- absolutely.
      I admit that once you go in depth in Astrology writing about one placement seems a little flat. So many nuances!
      Are you a Pisces or Aqurius rising?

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