Free Mini Birth Chart Readings!

FUN! I have decided to offer FREE readings!

Why? I love doing it and I think practice is always good.

What I do:

I study your personal Birth Chart in a positive psychology approach. I then give advice based on your personality that allows you to better understand yourself and be happier in life.I truly believe in self-acceptance and growth that result from self-understanding through Astrology.


You can ask one or two questions that matter to you.

You can also ask about specific placements in your Birth Chart or something specific that bothers you.

Please don’t ask horary, predictive or health Astrology questions. I shy away unless I have to from this type of readings.

You need to have your correct date, place and time of birth- This is important,

Send the to my email:


8 thoughts on “Free Mini Birth Chart Readings!”

    1. Hello Deanjean and welcome.
      I have updated the correct email. This was posted a long time ago and I would like to stress:
      I’ll only answer questions related to personal growth and natal placements. Pleas make sure you have correct birth time.


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